Guide To Your Walk for Earth

 Thank you for joining us with your own Walk for Earth!

Here’s a guide to each step.

Step 1: Choose your walk route and decide about fundraising

Want to make your walk a mini fundraiser for Stop Ecocide? It’s optional. You can tell people about your walk using our link to invite them to donate:!/DonationDetails. All donations go to Stop Ecocide International.
Prefer to do the walk without fundraising? That’s great too!

Step 2: Take a photo while on your walk

This could be of yourself or a group you’re walking with, or of something that inspires you in nature on your walk. You’ll use it in Step 3.
If you’re on social media, make a sign: #WalkforEarthUK. It’s easiest to write the hashtag in thick black marker pen on a strip of cardboard, which you can fold and put in a rucksack or bag. Or instead you could chalk it on a suitable surface (be considerate) if there’s one on your walk, or sew it using dark thread onto pale fabric. Or come up with your own creative way! Make sure it’s spelled correctly and is legible from snapping distance so you can photo it clearly.
If you don’t want to be looking at your phone during your walk, you could do this at the start or end.
We’d love it if you (or whoever you walk with) could be holding your sign. Or, you could lean the sign against something in nature. You could take your photo beside something that interests or inspires you in the living world. Make sure your hashtag sign is clearly visible and legible in the photo.
Think of your MP looking at the image you’ll make. Let it be something that encourages and inspires. Your MP might appreciate nature as much as you do.

Step 3: Write your email or letter to your MP – or tag them with a post about your walk on your social media.

In the ‘Find your MP’ section in ‘How to Join Walk for Earth’ on our website, enter your postcode in the box to find your MP and their contact details.

If you’re writing a letter, feel free to use our sample text as a starting point and add details about your walk. You can include a printed copy of your walk photo.

If you’re sending an email, you can copy and paste then adapt our sample text, and fill in the details about your own walk. You could use a URL link to your walk photo. Just remember not to attach any image files or your email will be filtered out of your MP’s inbox.

If you use social media, please post about your walk on your Instagram, Twitter or Facebook! It’s very easy to tag your MP (all explained in ‘Tips on Social Posting’). Use hashtags for Walk for Earth (#WalkforEarthUK) and Stop Ecocide (#ecocidelaw) when you post. Say why doing this walk was important to you. If you get a response, you could share that on your social and tag us too: it helps to raise awareness.

Not confident with social media? See our ‘Tips on using social media’ under ‘How to Join’ on our website.

We’d love to know how you get on – let us know with the feedback form under ‘How to Join’ on this website.

Thank you!