How to Join Walk for Earth

Join us with your own local

‘walk for Earth’ –

then message your MP

‘Ecocide’ means the large-scale damage and destruction of the natural living world. An ‘ecocide law’ would make that destruction illegal, and provide a legal framework to support a decarbonised economy.

Do you love the living world? Do you want to do something simple where you are that supports a law of ecocide? We invite you to join us with your own mini-‘walk for Earth’ wherever you are based. Want to do a little more? Make your walk a fundraiser to contribute to our fundraising pot for Stop Ecocide. Share easily with your contacts using our fundraising link below, and our sample text – see our PDF Your Walk for Earth for full info. Have family or friends who you think would like to join you? Invite them along too!

Follow these 3 steps

see our Guide to Your Walk for Earth for more detail. 

  1. Choose your walk route  – ‘walks’ can be with a mobility aid
    Is there a place of natural beauty which you know and love, or one you’d like to explore? Think about the distance you’d like to cover.
    Here’s some creative food for thought before you walk.
  2. Tell your friends it’s a fundraiser using our link to Stop Ecocide
    By turning your walk into a fundraiser you’ll be directly supporting the same causes as Zoe and Falco’s walk. Copy and paste our sample text to tell your contacts about your walk. Use our fundraising link:!/DonationDetails 
  3. Message your MP with an image from your walk
    It’s easy: enter your postcode below on this web page to find your MP, then copy & paste our sample text adding your own walk info. Share a photo from your walk tagging your MP if they’re on Instagram or tweeting it to them if they’re on Twitter.
    Don’t forget to use our tag us too @walk_for_earth_uk,  and Stop Ecocide @ecocidelaw when you post, and use the hashtags #walk_for_earth_uk and #ecocidelaw. We’d love to hear why nature is important in your life, and why you support a law of ecocide.

To look up your local MP

Enter your postcode here:

Help us reach 1,000 voices

In this time, it can feel as if no one cares. But if we speak up to people in power, that can change. If you are a parent and your children love nature, they could make an image and speak up with you.

We’re asking people to email their local MP using our template (which you can personalise) – to encourage the UK government to express support for ecocide law.  Your MP will need to contact the Justice Minister and forward any replies to you.  Let’s see if we can reach a thousand voices by the time Zoe and Falco complete their walk.

If you’d like to find out about the recent progress of ecocide law, check out our ‘ecocide law timeline’; you can find further details on the ‘Breaking News’ section of the Stop Ecocide’s website.

If you want to make an impression, you could look at the website ‘Theyworkforyou’ and find out how your MP has voted or spoken about issues around the climate emergency; tailoring your message could make it more impactful.