How to Join Walk for Earth

Join us with your own local

‘walk for Earth’ –

then message your MP

‘Ecocide’ means severe, and either widespread or longterm, damage to the living world. An ‘ecocide law’ would make this damage an international criminal offence, with individual accountability at the top of the decision-making chain.

Want to do something simple where you live to support the progress of ecocide law, and help fundraise for Stop Ecocide International?

  • Enjoy the outdoors either solo, with family or friends?
  • Part of a group that spends time outdoors for well-being?

Join us by doing your own walk for Earth locally and message your MP, you don’t need a mule…

“Ministers know an ecocide law is on the horizon, but they’re reluctant to engage, so every demand counts.”
          Jojo Mehta, Executive Director of Stop Ecocide International.

Follow these 3 steps

see our Guide to Your Walk for Earth for more detail. 

  1. Choose your walk route  – ‘walks’ can be with a mobility aid
    You can choose whether to make your walk a mini-fundraiser for Stop Ecocide. See the Guide to Your Walk for Earth , and Be Creative.
  2. Take a photo during your walk
    If you’re on social media, take a homemade sign #WalkforEarthUK, to hold in the photo or prop against a tree. 
  3. Message your MP about ecocide law
    Use your postcode below to find your MP, then use our sample text to contact them.
    For social media: post about your walk with the photo from step 2 and tag or tweet your MP.
    See the Guide to Your Walk for Earth for full info and support.

Find your local MP

Enter your postcode here:

Tailoring your message to make it more personal to your MP will make it more impactful.  Try Googling your MP and look at the website ‘Theyworkforyou’ to find out how your MP has voted or spoken about issues around the climate emergency.

Find out about the recent progress of ecocide law: check out the ‘Breaking News’ section of Stop Ecocide’s website.