Re-thread your hopes for the living world:
we are Interwoven


Are you a loom weaver, hand-spinner or plant-dyer who cares about the living world? Help strengthen the voice for an ecocide law with your own visual expression of care.

We invite you to help create a collaborative textile piece that uses natural yarns and plant-dyes from UK locations, including along the route of Walk for Earth. It will reflect your relationship with the natural world where you live.

You will need to send your finished section(s) to use by end October 2023. Contact us for full information about how to send your section. All sections will be asssembled into a final piece at Atelier Stroud. Plant-dyed yarns from along the walk route will then be stitched in a minimal way onto the final piece.

We are looking for between 18-20 weavers, spinners and plant-dyers based within 15 miles of Zoe and Falco’s route. Don’t worry if you’re further away – you can still take part.

And, if you want an adventure, you can do your own mini ‘walk for earth’ – see how. You might be able to meet Falco the mule and Zoe on their journey close to your location.

The final piece you help to create will be exhibited in the UK before being presented as a gift (from one island nation to another) to Vanuatu’s Ambassador to Europe, via a live link to all those who helped make it. Vanuatu is the world’s most climate vulnerable island. This gift will recognise their leadership as the first nation in the world to propose serious consideration of ecocide law on the international stage in December 2019. In Vanuatu, when you want to honour someone, you give them cloth. 

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Here’s how to take part if you are…

A plant dyer and/or hand-spinner

A group who meets regularly and wants a creative challenge

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