Interwoven – Weavers

Thank you for taking a look at Interwoven, the textile project at the heart of Walk for Earth. We hope you can lend your skill to bring this project to life. Your weaving will celebrate your connection with the living world where you are, and show your support for a law of ecocide.

There is flexibility for you to start as soon as you want. The deadline for completed woven sections is end October 2023.

Please weave your section to be roughly 35 x 42.5cm once off the loom and finished. Please tuck in end threads rather than tying knots: all the completed sections need to sit as evenly as possible together when assembled.

Yarn thickness
Ideally this should be 2/9  or 2/11 count, but not thicker than 7s. This is because there will be some stitching with plant-dyed yarn added to the piece once it has been assembled. You could lightly felt your section so the stitching will take.

Types of weave
Different types of weave are welcome: herringbone; random check; random stripe, etc. Follow what you feel is best.

Using natural undyed yarn
We would love your section to reflect the natural colours of the wool (or flax) in your area. Please keep any plant-dyed yarns separate from your woven section. Please source local (or national) and sustainably produced natural yarn where you can. When you send your piece, please include a note about where your yarn came from – we’d love to hear.

Hand-spun yarn
If you can use hand-spun yarn in your piece, that would be ideal, but not essential. You might already do hand-spinning, or you might want to contact a hand-spinner near to you who could spin yarn for your section.

Plant-dyed yarn
If you already use plant-dyeing, we would love you to send us a small amount to represent your local area. Please be in touch at and we will give you full details. Read more on our ‘Plant-dyers’ page.

Here’s how to take part:

  1. Check if you’re on our route
    Check the basic Walk for Earth towns and cities map. If you’re within 15 miles of our route, let us know! To get the map, email us at
  2. Find your source of natural yarn
    Check your nearest source of sustainably-produced, natural undyed wool/flax /yarn. If you tell them about the context for Interwoven, perhaps they might be willing to offer you some material for your section.
    Is there a hand-spinner in your locality you might want to collaborate with?
    1. Plan your section – what’s your inspiration?
      As you plan your woven section, you might want to take some walks in places of natural beauty near to where you live. What do you care about in the living world where you are? Do you feel yourself as part of it? How can it inspire your weaving?
    2. Weave your section
      You can use any kind of weave. Dimensions should be roughly 35 x 42cm once the piece is off the loom.
    3. Can you join Walk for Earth too? You can do your own mini-‘walkf ro Earth’ – find out how.
      Depending on your location, it might be possible for you to walk out to meet Zoe and Falco if that can be arranged. The date of a meeting needs to be flexible to within a few days.
    4. Post your completed woven section back to us: email for details.